What is ART if it isn’t personal?

I’ve always known that I was adopted.  I’ve been incredibly lucky to meet both my biological parents.  I feel pretty lucky in general.  I grew up in a family that loves me, my parents are strong and intelligent, and I can say exactly the same of my biological parents.

Things were quite a bit different in 1964.  A jewish boy and a catholic girl, not married, completely smitten… and I was not exactly planned.  Needless to say all parties were not thrilled with this news.

I was brought up along with my 3 sisters in our catholic family.  It wasn’t until after I had moved out  that I discovered any of my background.  America is a melting pot and I am a living example of one of those stories.  I found out that I am German, Irish, English, and Jewish, of Russian decent.  My mom immediately bought me a box of matzo ball soup when I shared this with her!

Recently I decided that is was time (way past time really) to learn more about the Jewish side of my heritage.  I took an eighteen week “Introduction to Judaism” class at our local Jewish Community Center (http://www.jccmilwaukee.org/).  What an enriching experience!  Initially, I though 18 weeks was a very long time, but we barely scratched the surface.

To commemorate my experience I created a couple of art pieces… silk paintings incorporating a prayer in Hebrew.
Like I said, what is ART if it isn’t personal?

Hand painted silk scarf with Hebrew text

Painting to commemorate my recent Jewish class

Hand painted silk scarf with a Jewish motif

Commemorative painting upon completion of my Introduction to Judaism class

Hand Painted Silk Scarf