Nautical Silks at the Annapolis Boat Show 2015

We had such a good time at the Annapolis Boat Show this year … surrounded and supported by good friends, made some new friends, highest grossing show ever!, plus a whole pile of custom orders.


My favorite part of all the custom orders is that I feel like an elf in Santa’s workshop….making presents for people. They are all packed up and ready to ship.  What a delight!

ready to ship

ready to ship


Ready to rock!

Ready to rock!


Some new fun designs this year.

Some new fun designs this year.


Life is simple. Just add water.

Life is simple.
Just add water.


Gotta love art with a sense of humor!


Hand painted silk scarves featuring "chickens"

Hand painted silk scarves featuring “chickens”

Life can get so serious….sometimes we just need a laugh, or a chuckle.
This year I played around with these goofy chickens, of all things!  I was a bit nervous to unveil them at the 57th Street Art Fair in Chicago.  What would people think?  It wasn’t exactly “high brow” art.

“A breath of fresh air!” said one customer.

“Delightful!” said another.

People would just break out into a grin as they walked by my booth.  It certainly was fun for me!



Heading West again in the fall….

I will always have a place in my heart for the american southwest.  I lived in Santa Fe at one point and it took root inside of me.  You might wonder why then, that I didn’t stay… well, water (we’ve already established that i’m a sailor!), or lack thereof.  The compromise is that I try to make time to go at least every other year.

One way to do that is to participate the annual Sedona Festival of the Arts.  A high quality show in the most gorgeous of settings.  This year’s festival is October 11 and 12.  I am really looking forward to meeting up with some old friends, and making some new connections.  If you happen to be out that way….come on over and say “hi”


Fashion Show and Luncheon at Chicago Yacht Club

It was so much fun to kick off the new season with a ladies fashion show and luncheon at the Chicago Yacht Club!  A delightful fundraiser for the Children’s Hospital this year.  The women who attended could easily have passed for models themselves!  They take this opportunity to dress in their finest and they looked amazing!!  This was the 3rd year I was invited to be a vendor and I feel truly honored. Thanks again Chicago Yacht Club!

IMG_0747 IMG_0748

Spring in Wisconsin

It was still snowing last week here in Milwaukee.  For those of you who know me personally, you know that I describe myself as both an artist and a sailor.  Those two worlds combined to launch my line of hand painted silks.  But what some of you may not know is that art can show up in some very unexpected places…..

Over the years, my husband and I have become kind of known around the bay as the boat with the painted sails.  Usually, this is the way we would “decorate” our boat for one of our favorite fundraisers:  Louie’s Last Blast to benefit Children’s hospital.  Nothing excites me more than to discover art in an unexpected place.  In a sea of traditionally white sails, these are truly unexpected!    Happy Spring everyone!

Hundertwasser meets Dr. Suess in the imagination of my mind… and what a fun time they had!

Each spring we artists try to come up with some new and exciting designs to unveil at the art shows.  Some years are more difficult than others especially when you live in Wisconsin!  This year however, with it’s incredibly mild winter and early spring is a delight to the senses.

Every artist has their own rituals when it comes to creating, and I am no different.  This year I even took the time to spring clean my studio and give it a new coat of paint and some new shelves from Ikea!  New studio….new art!

Silk by Laura home studio

fresh paint for the studio

All clean?  yes!

Fresh paint?  yes!

Cuppa coffee? absolutely!

I started flipping through art books.  Stumbled on a wonderful little book with pictures of lesser known works of Dr. Suess. Also at that time, swimming around in my mind was the idea of incorporating more ‘text’ into my paintings.  I talked and emailed some of my friends.  Two of my friends are talented writers, one specializes in poetry and short stories.

Meditation and dreaming are very important components in the creative process for me as well as walks out in nature.

Some artists draw their initial sketches out on paper first, or design with a computer… not so for me.  I prefer to design directly on the silk itself.  An idea can go through several incarnations before I stumble on ‘the one’ that makes my heart literally skip with joy. When that happens, I know I’m onto something! Then I will take that idea and stretch and play with it…on different types of silk, or different color palettes.  This process can go on for days or sometimes years.

Here is a preview on what is coming out on the silks so far this season… they will be unveiled at the Cedarburg Wearable Art Show next weekend in Cedarburg, Wisconsin.    Friday March 30th and Saturday, March 31st…

Hope to see you there!

Spring 2012, Silk by Laura

Hundertwasser meets Dr. Suess

What is ART if it isn’t personal?

I’ve always known that I was adopted.  I’ve been incredibly lucky to meet both my biological parents.  I feel pretty lucky in general.  I grew up in a family that loves me, my parents are strong and intelligent, and I can say exactly the same of my biological parents.

Things were quite a bit different in 1964.  A jewish boy and a catholic girl, not married, completely smitten… and I was not exactly planned.  Needless to say all parties were not thrilled with this news.

I was brought up along with my 3 sisters in our catholic family.  It wasn’t until after I had moved out  that I discovered any of my background.  America is a melting pot and I am a living example of one of those stories.  I found out that I am German, Irish, English, and Jewish, of Russian decent.  My mom immediately bought me a box of matzo ball soup when I shared this with her!

Recently I decided that is was time (way past time really) to learn more about the Jewish side of my heritage.  I took an eighteen week “Introduction to Judaism” class at our local Jewish Community Center (  What an enriching experience!  Initially, I though 18 weeks was a very long time, but we barely scratched the surface.

To commemorate my experience I created a couple of art pieces… silk paintings incorporating a prayer in Hebrew.
Like I said, what is ART if it isn’t personal?

Hand painted silk scarf with Hebrew text

Painting to commemorate my recent Jewish class

Hand painted silk scarf with a Jewish motif

Commemorative painting upon completion of my Introduction to Judaism class

Annapolis Sailboat Show

working the show..

Last year Nautical Silks debuted at the Annapolis Boat Show, the largest all sailboat show in North America.  It was fantastic!

It’s that time of year again, and we are off to Annapolis!
We have a new booth number:  D-52.    No longer the new kid on the block, we are looking forward setting up shop for an exciting weekend wholesale inflatable water slides.
If you are in the neighborhood, please stop in!

Kandinsky shawl drawing. And the winner is….

Award winner Cheri Kent Jones

Cheri and Eric Jones

I know you’ve been waiting with bated breath…
  Who will be the lucky winner of the drawing for that gorgeous Kandinsky chiffon shawl???
      Drum roll please…..

We are proud to annouce that  Cheri Kent Jones … is the lucky winner!

Go to facebook fan page for Silk by Laura and Nautical Silks to see a video of the drawing…

Congratulations Cheri!!!!   and thank you all for participating.

Village of Shorewood bench auction

“Best Seats in the House” A 2010 Public Art Event in Shorewood, Wisconsin

June 5 through August 15:  the Shorewood Business district was showcasing lovely wooden benches featuring the talents of local artists.  The event was concluded last night with a voice auction at the Hubbard Park Lodge used commercial inflatables for sale.

I was honored to be one of the artists chosen to participate in this year’s event.  I painted my bench in the style of Gustav Klimt.  I feel confindent that it is going to a good home here on the east side of Milwaukee to Richard and Karen Christenson.

Thanks to all involved!

Hand Painted Silk Scarf